1. Color Me Obsessed Screening

    Hello friends,

    Here at WQAQ, we love music so obviously we love The Replacements. One of our friends had a chance to work on the Replacements centric film “Color Me Obsessed” last summer and there’s a screening of the film in New Haven. Check it:

    After a packed screening at Yale last fall, COLOR ME OBSESSED, A FILM ABOUT THE REPLACEMENTS, comes back to New Haven in what many would feel is a more appropriate venue for a film about the most notorious rock band of all time. You can drink, you can scream at the film, you can relive their infamous Grotto show. Hell, it’s Cafe 9. It’s going
    to be a rockin’ good time.

    And following right after:

    THE REPLACEMENTS STINK AND SO DO WE !!! Will be performing after the viewing of “Color Me Obsessed” Featuring Ed Valauskas, Jim Balga, Dean Falcone & MANY Special guests. They will ham-fist (sorry to all the vegetarians) their way through The Replacements catalog and make you want to go home and listen to the real thing.

    Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
    Friday July 27


    So, if you enjoy The Replacements, music, or supporting local filmmakers, please go see this film.