1. Red Fang - Wires

    Just a few days ago, I was able to go see Mastodon in Boston at the House Of Blues. Overall, I couldn’t have imagined a better set list. An added bonus to this show was finally being able to see Red Fang for the first time as well (seeing as they opened with Dillinger Escape Plan, who were also unbelievable). If you haven’t heard of them and are a fan of gritty “stoner” metal, do yourself a favor and listen to this. If you can catch them live, even better (they’re LOUD and sound great)

  2. Grown Ups - Are You Shitten Me?

    American Football / Latterman inspired emo/punk from Indiana. Enjoy it. They broke up yesterday.

  3. The Black Keys have released another single off their upcoming December album, El Camino. Like last month’s “Lonely Boy,” it rules. But unlike last month’s “Lonely Boy,” “Run Right Back” is a more raw, straightforward track reminiscent of their earlier work.

    Official El Camino Countdown: 25 days!

  4. That’s right: Black Sabbath will be reuniting with all 4 original members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. And no, it’s not like it’s going to be a 1 time show. They plan on recording a new album (produced by Rick Ruben), headlining Dowload Fest in the UK in June and plan to follow with a world tour through 2012. These guys single-handedly created the metal genre; do yourself a favor and get excited for what’s to come

  5. Heroes and Villains - The Beach Boys

    Tuesday, we saw the release of The Beach Boys “SMiLE Sessions”. The album is essentially their lost material that was supposed to come out back in 1966 and 1967, but never made it to shelves. The cd version has 40 tracks on it, but there’s also an enormous box set you can get with 5 cds, 2 LP’s and 2 7”s and an art book of some sort. The Beach Boys have always been a real fun band, so enjoy this and imagine you’re on a beach somewhere instead of this cold weather!

  6. This Town Needs Guns - Adventure, Stamina & Anger

    Really awesome song with their new singer off their upcoming 7” Adventure, Stamina & Anger

  7. babanees:

    Aloha Hawaii (acoustic) - The Guru

    i’m young and i’m able
    make the best of what i have 
    i’m permanently sharp
    i’ll do the best that i can 

    We’re all huge fans of The Guru at 98.1 FM, and this song rules!

  8. Rites Of Spring - For Want Of

    Rites Of Spring (1985)

    Rites Of Spring is a band that can’t be measured by the extent of their discography, one LP and one EP, but by the influence they had. Pinned with creating the emo/hardcore bridge, the band was comprised of members that would go on to create Fugazi with, then producer for the band and member of Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye. They were recently featured in an AV Club article about artists who had short, but highly influential careers. Without Rites Of Spring, I think punk, hardcore and emo music would have developed an interloping relationship much differently. 

  9. New Russian Circles track "Mladec" →

    I just found out this morning that instrumental prog (sorta?)/metal outfit Russian Circles has a new album coming out October 25th titled Empros.  I saw this band open up for Boris a year or two back and they were just loud and amazing.  The best part about seeing this band was their bassist, Brian Cook (former member of These Arms Are Snakes).  His tones gave their songs a personality that made every track distinguishable from the other. I’m very excited to see this album release and this track adds on to their sound from their previous album Geneva.

  10. Clams Casino - Motivation

    Instrumental Mixtape (2011)

    Clams Casino is a busy dude. He put out this mixtape and an EP in around a month’s time. This song is a banger - one that you bump in your car on the way to a gathering of friends. Think bass, space and the future: that’s what Clams Casino brings to the table. Look out for this guy to make a name for himself in the next couple years; it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon.