1. Now, this is a bit of a personal one. First off, Kevin Wolfring. This man, or kid as I’m more likely to call them, is an awesome up-and-coming comedian and songwriter. He started playing a mean ukelele before it became the cool thing to do. On youtube, Kevin has put out a few real awesome, funny songs; and in person his mind can churn out millions on demand. He’s a real guy to watch.

    This song in particular is pretty close to me, and a large number of fans of the show Community. The show, different each week but always funny, is one the best on TV. You have to watch the show, perhaps a whole season of it, to understand. But after watching one of those whole seasons, you have to understand it’s not going to be like that at all next season. Dan Harmon, the mind behind the show, was fired this last weekend, and with him, a lot of the writer quit. NBC is trying to make the show “more accessible,” like a “Two and a Half Men” or “Big Bang Theory.” More accessible can is not better, as any music fan like myself can appreciate. Of course, we, not to mention the actors, want Dan Harmon back, the show won’t be the same without his nitpicking control.

    So listen to Kevin Wolfring’s “(I Don’t Want) SIx Seasons and a Movie.” If you’re a Community fan, spread the word, reblog his video, and let it be known that the people who love Greendale College, the Study Group, and Community, want Dan Harmon. If you’re not a fan, watch the show; they just finished season 3. Give it a few episodes, and I guarantee you will be a fan.

    And keep an eye on Kevin Wolfring. He’s going places.