1. DC Snipers - Straight Razor

    Damn my allegiance to pop-punk in high school. If I didn’t have in my head in the sand for four years, I would have been able to experience this amazing North Jersey punk band in all of their glory. Their 2006 debut Missile Sunset is a great, dirty piece of work. Drawing influence from proto-punk and combining it with their own take on the “New Jersey sound” they create punk music that is undeniably organic, but it’s also aggressively catchy and absolutely danceable. Unfortunately DC Snipers are broken up now, but you can hear Dan McGee tear it up in his North Carolina based Spider Bags.

  2. Dads - New Pantera

    I love Dads. I love everything about this band. I love this song. I love everything. I love you. 

    I’ve seen your face less than I’ve seen the back of your head.  

  3. Clams Casino - Motivation

    Instrumental Mixtape (2011)

    Clams Casino is a busy dude. He put out this mixtape and an EP in around a month’s time. This song is a banger - one that you bump in your car on the way to a gathering of friends. Think bass, space and the future: that’s what Clams Casino brings to the table. Look out for this guy to make a name for himself in the next couple years; it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon.