1. What’s that? It’s Monday and you’re feeling bummed? Watch this video for Japandroid’s “The House That Heaven Built” and get amped.

    WQAQ returns to the air on August 27th.

  2. Titus Andronicus - Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With The Flood of Detritus

    Hey all! Your FESTAPALOOZA headliner’s released a new single a few weeks back, and it’s a killer. Judging from this song and their new ones they played live, Titus Andronicus is delving into some weird experimental punk trip. I couldn’t be more excited. Check it out, and then see them on APRIL 20th at FESTAPALOOZA.


  3. Snowing - Pump Fake

    Snowing broke up earlier this year, playing their final show a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the funds to make my way down to Philly to see them, which I’m a little bummed about, but as a result I’ve been listening to a ton of them lately. “Pump Fake” was the first Snowing song that clicked with me. The lyrics are tight, the guitars are jangly as hell, and the production is as shitty as I like it. Too bad this song isn’t on the 7” of Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit. Oh well.

  4. Spider Bags - So Long A Rope

    Playing country rock with sprinkles of punk, Spider Bags is the band that rose from the ashes of DC Snipers, whom I posted about a few weeks back. I dig everything about Spider Bags. The instrumentation is awesome, and the lyrics are pretty down-trodden. Don’t let your “I like everything but country”-mindset stop you from checking Spider Bags out.

  5. DC Snipers - Straight Razor

    Damn my allegiance to pop-punk in high school. If I didn’t have in my head in the sand for four years, I would have been able to experience this amazing North Jersey punk band in all of their glory. Their 2006 debut Missile Sunset is a great, dirty piece of work. Drawing influence from proto-punk and combining it with their own take on the “New Jersey sound” they create punk music that is undeniably organic, but it’s also aggressively catchy and absolutely danceable. Unfortunately DC Snipers are broken up now, but you can hear Dan McGee tear it up in his North Carolina based Spider Bags.

  6. Hostage Calm- The “M” Word

    Nervous Energies Session 

  7. Rites Of Spring - For Want Of

    Rites Of Spring (1985)

    Rites Of Spring is a band that can’t be measured by the extent of their discography, one LP and one EP, but by the influence they had. Pinned with creating the emo/hardcore bridge, the band was comprised of members that would go on to create Fugazi with, then producer for the band and member of Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye. They were recently featured in an AV Club article about artists who had short, but highly influential careers. Without Rites Of Spring, I think punk, hardcore and emo music would have developed an interloping relationship much differently. 

  8. Bomb The Music Industry - Sick, Later.

    Vacation (2011)

    Bomb The Music Industry! has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. They have a rigid, no-bullshit D.I.Y. ethic and have always released all of their material for free. Admittedly, their discography is a little daunting and dense, but fear not friends; BMTI just released their most accessible record yesterday. That’s not to say the accessibility is a bad thing, because make no mistake, Vacation fucking rocks. Disregard all of my cheap buzzwords though, just download the album for free off of Quote Unquote Records. 

    Download here.