1. P.O.S. - Fuck Your Stuff

    Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. is dropping his new record We Don’t Even Live Hereon Tuesday, and the first single is a banger. The album is a late contender for one of the best rap records of the year, and I can’t wait to give it more time. Check the video out above and buy the record on Tuesday.

  2. Killer Mike - Reagan

    Just in time for the presidential debates, Killer Mike released his music video for “Reagan,” the politically paranoid crux of his awesome new record R.A.P. Music. Check it out above, and make sure to watch the Presidential Debates tonight. If you go to Quinnipiac, SGA will be hosting the Presidential Debates at Rocky Top on York Hill. WQAQ will be DJing politically charged anthems of paranoia and distrust. GET STOKED.


  4. change- danny brown

    new danny brown track switches up the pace and brings things down for a smooth enchanting two minutes and fifty two seconds. if you’re listening and thinking “is this really his voice?”. yes, it is his voice. 

  5. Odd Future - “Rella

    Late post! It’s been a good month for Odd Future fans. While browsing the internet, it seemed they have just released a new song and video from their upcoming LP OF Tape: Vol. 2 (out March 20th through their own label).  This is an incredibly strong track featuring Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and OF breakout Tyler the Creator. Many people were slightly disappointed in Tyler’s Goblin last year, even though the single “Yonkers” was able to garner him a VMA for “Best New Artist”. Hopefully, this will turn some naysayers around by the time OF Tape comes out. Earl Sweatshirt may not be on there just yet, but this should do for the time being! 

  6. Song of the Day

    Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise

    Gangsta’s Paradise; 1995

    Any song that evokes a Weird Al knockoff is worth noting its epochal importance. That’s pretty much all I can write, dealing with a credit crisis. 

  7. Praise is a friend of WQAQ. He is a rapper/producer/singer/song-writer/overall nice guy from New York. This song features a sample from The Weeknd. If you want to help out an up and coming musician, we have listed his social media sites. Check this guy out.




  8. Black Hippy - Rolling Stone

    Black Hippy (2011)

    This is the new shit. Black Hippy needs the hype of an Odd Future because they have the talent of a Wu-Tang. It is only a matter of time until this collective of Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q has a breakthrough song, tumbling onto internet fame and a record deal. This may not be it, but it certainly resonates with people containing an extensive knowledge of music history; the beat draws a sample from The Zombies “Time of the Season”. 

  9. Madlib & Frddie Gibbs - Thuggin

    Thuggin EP (2011)

    This is too big to happen. Freddie Gibbs is probably the biggest underground rapper right now. Madlib is one of the best producers in hip hop. This shit is too much; you better believe Imma pick up this 12”. 

  10. A$AP Rocky - Palace [Produced by Clams Casino]

    LiveLoveA$AP (2011)

    A$AP Rocky has definitely been getting a LOAD of hype lately. Between a $3 million record deal and a Pitchfork “Best New Music” nod, it’s hard to lose sight of what exactly he brings to the table. It’s blurry eyed rap with stellar production. On the mixtape, the production is what really drives it. Clams Casino produces this particular track and kills it. I’m a huge fan of his hazy, chanting beats and this is a great example of how large his productions can sound. If you’re into the underground rap scene, then you know this might be the sign of more breakthroughs into popular rap, bearing in mind if this project is a commercial success.