1. You Might Have Missed…

    Styx - She Cares - Paradise Theater (1981)

        Styx, particularly the Paradise Theater album, is what got me into rock music. f you just look around the internet, Styx tends to take a lot of crap from people for one reason or the other, were the ones who essentially created the sound of the 80s. Their catchy melodic hooks, soaring guitar riffs, beautiful keyboard work, and of course powerful harmonies are what set them apart from so many bands.

        She Cares is the seventh track off of Styx’s fourth consecutive triple platinum album, “Paradise Theater.” The song was written by guitarist Tommy Shaw as a filler in their sweeping concept album. You won’t find any other reviews about this song, nor will you ever hear Styx play it live in concert, but She Cares is one the band’s best, and my favorite. Simple lyrics, balanced out by the guitars and keyboard. The twin solos of guitar and saxophone. And the harmonies. Perhaps people mock Styx so much simply because they can’t be matched.