1. Perfume Genius - No Tear

    Put Your Back N 2 It; 2012

    When Perfume Genius’s newest effort came into the station on Thursday, I immediately ripped it; I could not have been any more excited. Mike Hadreas’s Learning was one of 2010’s most emotional listens, beckoning tears with each listen; Put Your Back N 2 It continues this tradition. Even stronger than Learning, Hadreas’s second full-length avoids the sophomore slump completely. Expect some critical acclaim for this release. 

  2. QU Students!

    Sign up for this year’s Battle of the Bands. March 3 @ Burt Kahn Court. Any genre, any style, and solo acts as well as bands (only 1 member must be a QU student!).

    We’ll have sign-ups and free food, music, and ticket giveaways available at our WQAQ Shindig NEXT THURSDAY! Or you can stop by the station, located @ SC203.

  3. Forming - Hate My Gutz

    Forming’s self-titled 7” (out on Vitriol Records) is one of my favorite 7”s in recent memory. In fact, every night this summer I would listen to this song before I went out to a party or something. Why? You tell me. Bearing that in mind, as my 21st birthday approaches, I feel it only appropriate that I revisit my fuzzy anthem. Oh and the best part is you can download this record for free right here!

  4. Hooking Up - Heavy

    Hooking Up is a low-fi garage rock band from Richmond, VA that play fuzzy, drunken jams. I stumbled onto these guys on the Topshelf Records board last year and was hooked on their first EP. They released a new EP on Monday, so do yourself a favor and download it for free at their bandcamp.

  5. Waxahatchee - grass stain.

    The singer/songwriter paradigm is almost always a crap shoot no one wants to fall into. Many try to lay out their emotions over a single acoustic guitar, and nearly everyone fails. Waxhatchee (P.S. Eliot’s Katie Crutchfield) manages to sidestep every “singer / songwriter” pitfall on her debut LP American Weekend. Instead of a sappy, self-pitying mess, Crutchfeild lays out her flaws as if music was her penance. It’s never self-aggrandizing or blaming. “Grass Stain” is such an beautiful bummer, and it was the track that introduced me to Waxahatchee. American Weekend will be out in January on Don Giovanni Records.

  6. Cold Snap - An Introduction to Space

    Super deliberate Connecticut hardcore. They recently released this song on an amazing split with Brass Caskets through Redscroll Records that I’ve been listening to obsessively.

  7. Snowing - Pump Fake

    Snowing broke up earlier this year, playing their final show a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the funds to make my way down to Philly to see them, which I’m a little bummed about, but as a result I’ve been listening to a ton of them lately. “Pump Fake” was the first Snowing song that clicked with me. The lyrics are tight, the guitars are jangly as hell, and the production is as shitty as I like it. Too bad this song isn’t on the 7” of Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit. Oh well.

  8. Young the Giant covers The Gorillaz' 'Empire Ants' in recent unplugged session →

    I haven’t really listened to Young the Giant much, but this caught my eye. During a recent recording of an unplugged session for MTV, they decided to end their set covering The Gorillaz. Believe it or not, this band absolutely KILLS it. Probably one of the best covers of any song I’ve heard. The video of it can be found right here at this link!

  9. Band of Skulls premier next single of their upcoming new album 'Sweet Sour' →

    Sweet Sour - Band of Skulls

    I couldn’t be more excited for a. this album and b. actually getting to see them live. The album comes out Feb 21st over here, but they start their North American tour March 13th in Texas. SEE IT.

  10. Spider Bags - So Long A Rope

    Playing country rock with sprinkles of punk, Spider Bags is the band that rose from the ashes of DC Snipers, whom I posted about a few weeks back. I dig everything about Spider Bags. The instrumentation is awesome, and the lyrics are pretty down-trodden. Don’t let your “I like everything but country”-mindset stop you from checking Spider Bags out.