1. Class Actress - Love Me Like You Used To

    Rapprocher (2011)

    With an 80’s synth-pop sound, Class Actress elicits a time when pop music could be loved by the same people who also loved the underground scene. This is the type of music that gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave. “Love Me Like You Used To” is simple with dense keyboard and the catchiest hook since the plague(I even created a dance for it). Try to listen to this song and not love it. I dare you. 

  2. Snowing - Pump Fake

    Snowing broke up earlier this year, playing their final show a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the funds to make my way down to Philly to see them, which I’m a little bummed about, but as a result I’ve been listening to a ton of them lately. “Pump Fake” was the first Snowing song that clicked with me. The lyrics are tight, the guitars are jangly as hell, and the production is as shitty as I like it. Too bad this song isn’t on the 7” of Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit. Oh well.

  3. Praise is a friend of WQAQ. He is a rapper/producer/singer/song-writer/overall nice guy from New York. This song features a sample from The Weeknd. If you want to help out an up and coming musician, we have listed his social media sites. Check this guy out.




  4. Spider Bags - So Long A Rope

    Playing country rock with sprinkles of punk, Spider Bags is the band that rose from the ashes of DC Snipers, whom I posted about a few weeks back. I dig everything about Spider Bags. The instrumentation is awesome, and the lyrics are pretty down-trodden. Don’t let your “I like everything but country”-mindset stop you from checking Spider Bags out.

  5. Red Fang - Wires

    Just a few days ago, I was able to go see Mastodon in Boston at the House Of Blues. Overall, I couldn’t have imagined a better set list. An added bonus to this show was finally being able to see Red Fang for the first time as well (seeing as they opened with Dillinger Escape Plan, who were also unbelievable). If you haven’t heard of them and are a fan of gritty “stoner” metal, do yourself a favor and listen to this. If you can catch them live, even better (they’re LOUD and sound great)

  6. Cheap Girls - All My Clean Friends

    Cheap Girls plays crunchy indie-punk along the lines of Yuck or Forming (who will be getting an audio post in the near future). Unlike Yuck, Cheap Girls has more lyrical structure, and they wield it like the saddest sword ever. “All My Clean Friends” is a manifesto to the post-graduate who still smokes cigarettes, still drinks, still ends the day by blacking out to get over his ex-girlfriend. But he doesn’t want to change. It’s bittersweet.

    You can grab Cheap Girls’ first album for free here.

  7. Madlib & Frddie Gibbs - Thuggin

    Thuggin EP (2011)

    This is too big to happen. Freddie Gibbs is probably the biggest underground rapper right now. Madlib is one of the best producers in hip hop. This shit is too much; you better believe Imma pick up this 12”. 

  8. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131100626995133

WQAQ’s Annual Music For Meals is THIS SATURDAY!! 
Be there, or be the lamest person to have ever walked the face of the planet!


    WQAQ’s Annual Music For Meals is THIS SATURDAY!! 

    Be there, or be the lamest person to have ever walked the face of the planet!

  9. DC Snipers - Straight Razor

    Damn my allegiance to pop-punk in high school. If I didn’t have in my head in the sand for four years, I would have been able to experience this amazing North Jersey punk band in all of their glory. Their 2006 debut Missile Sunset is a great, dirty piece of work. Drawing influence from proto-punk and combining it with their own take on the “New Jersey sound” they create punk music that is undeniably organic, but it’s also aggressively catchy and absolutely danceable. Unfortunately DC Snipers are broken up now, but you can hear Dan McGee tear it up in his North Carolina based Spider Bags.

  10. Cloud Nothings - No Future/No Past

    Holy lord has this band grown. Last year’s self-titled was full of poppy punk songs and only a handful of slow songs; this song crawls and scratches at your ears. Think Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana melded together in a dark back alley. The raw, emotional buildup heard in the vocals is titillating. I cannot wait to hear more from of this; it is one of the most welcomely accepted maturations of a band I have experienced, since Trophy Scars went bluesy.